Searching For Inspiration- The Herbert Art Gallery

Last week a group of us paid a visit to The Herbert Art Gallery in search of inspiration for some exciting projects we have coming up. Where better to source design inspiration from than an art gallery right? Well, I found the trip very inspirational so I wanted to share with you all my favourite parts from our visit.

Not only does the gallery contain some beautiful pieces, but the building itself is also a work of art. The roof of the building over the main entrance showcases a wonderful geometric pattern which can be seen from the inside and outside of the building. The roof also curves over the top and looks beautiful when it is lit up at night. The roof is one of the things I love most about this building, the clean, bold lines and industrial look are certainly a favourite of mine when it comes to architecture. Along the outside as you walk towards the entrance there are some wonderful, interesting features including more angular wooden beams and metal rectangular fixtures with letters carved into them.


One of the first things that really caught my eye was this painting. The wonderful combination of colours was the first thing that drew me in but the longer I looked, the more I could see. I’m a great believer in injecting colour into an interior to give it some added character so this painting is certainly a piece that makes the imagination run wild when relating it to interior design. I also think that hanging art work in a space is really important and keeping it colourful is a great way to go!

This chair designed by Spencer Jenkins is made from steel and woven willow and is said to be a sculpture with a functional purpose. The piece looks at how humans are changing nature to suit their needs. This chair is possibly my favourite piece from our trip. I love how the bright pink contrasts the willow and how the shape of the frame is so interesting with it disappearing into the willow weave. If only we could buy them and put them in our homes.

Now I can be a bit of a magpie at times, so when it comes to anything shiny or sparkly I seem to be instantly drawn to it. That, along with the Gracious Luxury logo being black and gold, drew my attention instantly to this particular installation. As we work with luxury fabrics, finishes and furniture on a daily basis these gorgeous beads are definitely a source of inspiration for us. Shapes, colours and textures are all very important in interior design and mixing them up with luxury finishes are just what we like to see.

These lovely little ceramic pots are another thing that caught my attention on our visit. Beautiful harmonious colours and each one has a completely different, interesting top to it. Each one the same, but with its own unique addition. This principle along with the colour scheme is definitely inspiration in itself. And why not even try showcasing functional ceramics in your home and keep them on display.

Now this installation was another favourite of mine. The fabric bright and colourful, printed with a pattern and then stitched and embroidered to manipulate the shape it appears as. It then appears that the outer shell is broken to uncover the beauty inside. Many of these were installed in a circle, each one completely different from the next. The contrast between the neutral and the bright pop of colour is definitely something we can take from when it comes to interior design.

The final thing that I really loved from the gallery were these gorgeous little lamp shades. I find it unusual to see these shades handing from the ceiling as opposed to being in place on top of standing lamps.  The light also seeps out of the tiny holes made when each segment of the shades were attached which adds a lot of interest to the piece. I love how each of the lamps is unique and different and has different pattern and embellishment from the next. I also really enjoy the way these lights are hung for the installation. They hang at a range of different heights and reflect light off one another, which is definitely something to consider when considering lighting solutions for interior design.

The Herbert Art Gallery has been a great source of inspiration for us with the projects that we have coming up. I personally think that art galleries and installations, right down to street art are wonderful things to look at to be inspired for all forms of design. So I hope that these pieces will inspire you, just as they have inspired me.

Until next time!