The Key to Progress

Work in the office is all hands on deck recently with the crazy build up to the end of the business year. The Gracious Luxury Team have been incredibly busy with the upcoming launch of our beautiful, brand new website, which oozes style and grace. Busy we are also with preparing to send out a new and improved mailer to all our friends, clients and contacts – again, another mammoth task.

Pitching for projects, meeting clients and ordering beautiful samples for projects – it’s all been go, go, go.

What keeps us going and motivated? Personally motivational thoughts, concepts, an idea, a phrase that inspires a strapline on the website or a window — all these come from constantly staying curious.


Staying curious is key – always wanting to do things better, always wanting to look for new ideas and research new concepts – things that will benefit the business, set it apart and make it look and feel different.

Having these dreams, ideas and long-term goals simmering away keeps us on our toes and gets us excited every day.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?