Luxury Home Accessories Wishlist


Tom Dixon- Eclectic Candles & Room Diffusers

The Eclectic room diffusers and candles by Tom Dixon are a happy addition to any space. Not only are there 3 beautiful scents but they come in the most beautiful chrome containers with marble lids, to add a little metallic addition to your room. Each scent in inspired by its own name. So, Royalty is reflective of Early Grey and the tatty leather seats of an old Bentley. London, captures the smell of London parks and the salty Thames River. And finally, Orientalist, which embodies the memory of an Indian wedding combined with the musky smell of a Chinese herbal market. I think these candles and diffusers are not only a stylish accessory to incorporate but I also think the interesting and unique fragrances will add interest and character to your home.

Ottiu- Andy Stool

I can’t get enough of these adorable stools from Ottiu. If you want a great statement piece, the Andy stool is the piece for you. With a choice of colours for the fluffy sheepskin seat and selection of chrome base finishes, you can make this little stool truly unique. Why not place it in a cosy corner of your living area or use it as a glamourous seat for your make-up vanity. Ottiu describe the stool as a fashion icon, and I couldn’t agree more.

BoConcept- Neat Rug

The BoConcept Neat Rug is the perfect long haired rug for your living space. It comes in two different sizes and a range of different colours so you can find the perfect one to incorporate into your home. Soft throw rugs add warmth and comfort to a room and can soften the look of any hard wood floors. I like how textured this rug is and how it can appear to have different colours running through it depending on the direction of the pile. You can even try it in the bedroom, after all there is nothing better than feeling a wonderfully soft rug under foot in the mornings.

Ginger & Jagger- Vine Mirror

This Ginger & Jagger Vine Mirror is a beautiful statement piece. The mirror is handmade from vine branches and moulded in brass casting and it makes for an outstanding addition to any interior space. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or hallway, hang it on a large wall over a dresser or console table. With its delicate intertwined vines and interesting shaped glass, it will add glamour and sophistication to a space and make sure it reflects something beautiful like a chandelier or piece of art.

LuxDeco- Luxury Cushions

I just can’t get enough of these amazing luxury cushions from LuxDeco. Whether you want silk, velvet or faux fur they have something for every need. They offer a combination of neutral and bright colours and a selection of some pretty eye-catching patterned designs. Not only that but they come in a range of different shapes and sizes so you can deck out your bed and sofa with all different sizes and beautiful fabrics. But it doesn’t stop there. When you’ve finished browsing through the stunning cushion designs why not look at their gorgeous throws to pair with those cushions you’ll just have to buy.

The French Bedroom Company- Transparent Treasure Trunk

I absolutely love this transparent trunk! Fill it with your favourite shoes, soft furnishings, books, clothing, magazines, anything; the possibilities are endless with this piece. Just by changing the contents of the trunk you can change the whole look of it totally. Filling it with colourful textiles is a great way to add a pop of colour into an otherwise neutral room. Or, why not stack it up neatly with all your favourite books and magazines and use it as a contemporary coffee table.

The White Company- Mercury Bottle Lamp

This The White Company table lamp is a real statement piece for your home. Whether it’s in the living room or hallway this lamp is sure to be an eye-catching feature with its antique silver finish. The thing I love most about it is the size. I really like oversized lamps right now so this piece is perfect for me, not only that but it has an element of glamour about it with its glass silver base and large white linen shade. The Georgette Stool

This footstool is a lovely little addition to any bedroom or living space. Don’t like the colour or fabric? Doesn’t matter, they’re bespoke made with a choice of LOADS of fabrics so you can choose the exact one you want to suit your room. Use it for extra seating in your living area and it can be tucked neatly away when it isn’t needed. Or use it as a feature; stack books and magazines on top, place a tray on the top and use it for drinks or a vase with fresh flowers. Or simply use it to put your feet up at the end of a long day!

I hope these accessories have given you a little bit of inspiration for styling your homes with that little touch of luxury.

Until next time.

Luxury Christmas Guide

This year has truly flown by – and what a year it has been.

As manic as it can sometimes get, December is always a very productive time for a lot of us – it’s a month of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s to make sure that the new business year can start off clean and fresh.

That’s on the work front at least, but meanwhile, many of us have all the Christmas preparation to get to. Present-buying should be an enjoyable activity, however, it can also be a stressful time for some, especially if the person they’re buying for has pretty much everything.

Here, in no particular order, are some unique luxury items you might not have thought of, to gift to that special loved-one:

For The Jet-Setter

These high quality headphones will be very much appreciated by anyone who travels a lot. Something they can have on hand to listen to their favourite podcasts or music as the loud engine roars fade away.

For The Presenter

Our team loves anything that can make our client presentations easier and this mini projector would be fantastic for that. Small, light and compact enough to fit in our work bags, it’s super slick and transforms any screen from the phone – a geeky gadget which we all adore in the office.

For The Music-Lover

We absolutely love this Aerobull Bluetooth Wireless Speaker by Jarre Technology. A stylish focal point on any desk, the deep bass from this little bulldog will for sure keep every hard worker upbeat in the office.

For The Fitness-Buff

Have somebody in mind that love to keep themselves in shape and enjoy nothing more than hitting the gym? Then why not allow them to do it in style with this Louis Vuitton’s Boxing Trunk and Punching Bag designed by Karl Lagerfeld. A real design piece and extremely rare limited edition release with only 25 sets produced. Not only will it keep your body and mind healthy, but it will sit beautifully in any home.

For The Collector

Ever since our team laid eyes on this stunning piece, we have not been able take it off our minds. This beautiful creation is a limited edition safe-box by Boca do Lobo. The entire structure is made of mahogany, coated in polished brass and dipped in gold. The aesthetics and the engineered details of this iconic design is incredibly inspiring due to its luxurious take on a product that is typically hidden from sight. Simply put, it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

So there you have it – a unique luxury guide to give you ideas on what to give to your very special loved ones, or if any of these items caught your eyes, perhaps there’ll be something there to add to your own wish list.

We here at Gracious Luxury hope that all your wishes come true and find its way to you under the tree.

Merry Christmas to all.