Playful Pastels for the Bedroom

I never know how people manage to motivate themselves to get out of their warm, soft, marshmallow-effect bed during these cold, dark mornings.

Fresh caffeine, a warm room and a clutter-free zone are this diva’s requirements for winter motivation. Our place of sleep is like an oasis for many of us during these freezing winter months, meaning more time spent in bed to feel well-rested. And I believe I speak on behalf of many of us when I say that our bedrooms is the ultimate place to get away from it all and truly relax.

So it’s hardly surprising to learn that redecorating the bedroom on a regular basis is a priority for many homeowners. The decorating styles are always changing, therefore, new trends are constantly emerging.

Many people nowadays invest more money than they would’ve normally spent in revamping their bedrooms in the past. The reason for this is no mystery considering reading, watching the latest episode of our favourite show on Netflix and catching up on work are now mostly done on our beds. Due to the longer length of time spent in our bedrooms, it has increasingly become a place of escape, to get away from everyone and everything, and to focus.

More and more bedrooms now also serve as a home office, so having an efficient and productive workspace is now a priority for many of us. Some people are also opting to exercise in their bedroom rather than the living room as they find they are less likely to be disturbed and distracted; planning their bedrooms in a way that leaves enough space to roll out a yoga mat or pull a fold up weight bench out from under the bed.

The bedroom really has become more than just a room to lay our heads down to rest. I adore my bed and am continuously looking for ways to decorate or soften. Above are some images of winter’s most beautiful bedrooms and colour combinations, in case you too are thinking of hibernating this season.