Clutter-Free Ideas For The New Year

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Every time a new year rolls around, everyone seems to adopt the ‘New Year, New Me’ attitude and create several resolutions for the new year. For me, when the new year finally comes the first thing I want to do is get organised, and this usually starts at home. My moto is ‘Tidy Life, Tidy Mind’ so keeping things in order is of the upmost importance to me. So here I am to share with you just a few different ways to get your homes in check for 2017 and to inspire you to have a clutter-free year.

We all do a January detox after the busy festive period, so why not detox your wardrobe? I’m pretty strict with myself when it comes to clearing out my wardrobe. If it doesn’t fit or I haven’t worn it in months, it’s going to friends or to charity. Once I’ve cleared out all the things I no longer need or want, it’s down to organising. The best place to start is to make sure all your hangers are the same, or at least the same size, so that everything hangs at the same height. If you want to be extra neat and tidy you might even want to colour coordinate your wardrobe and make sure you hang each of the hangers at equal distances from each other. These things are especially important if you have an open-fronted wardrobe or a clothing rail; having your clothes on show in your bedroom (or dressing room) is a great, easy way to add decoration to your space. So, keep it tidy!

The one room I make sure is always organised is the bathroom and there is nothing worse than an untidy linen cupboard. I don’t know about you but I tend to acquire a LOT of new cosmetic items over Christmas so I like to have a clear out in the new year. Making space for new products takes time sometimes but I like to think out with the old and in with the new and make sure all my favourites are easily within reach. Then there’s the necessities. Why not try baskets and trays or pots and boxes to house those crucial items like soaps, toilet rolls, hair products and creams to make your cupboards a little tidier. Make sure towels and linens are folded neatly and stacked in colour order, even though most of them are tucked away in cupboards it still makes it easier to find exactly what you need at any time.

Since a lot of us go on a health kick in January, it makes sense to get the kitchen in order, doesn’t it? Get rid of all those things you’ve pushed to the back of the cupboards that haven’t been seen in years and get in all your favourite foods and spices and stock the larder up. A great thing to do is to decant everything into glass jars of different sizes so you can see exactly what you’re looking for. You can even label the jars to make life easier. Spices and herbs are a great way to add some colour and character into your kitchen so get creative with a spice tray and let it take pride of place on your kitchen counter.

Now maybe the most important thing to get organised in the new year- your office! Now you may not be able to do all that much to your office at work but if you have a home office you can utilise the space easily. Simple things like keeping books or files on your desk neat and tucked away can make all the difference. Whether your home office is used every day or just occasionally it is important to keep it organised. Keeping a good amount of shelving and drawers is key to make sure things can be filed away properly and are easy to find when you need them, and it keeps clutter off your desk. A wall grid is a great way to add a bit of character to your office. You can clip on pictures or motivational quotes to bring it to life, or even hang pen pots or accessories on it to gain more desk space. Glass jars are a great way to keep your desk organised also. Fill them with pens, pencils, paper clips or sticky notes to find exactly what you need with ease. Add a scented candle for a bit of relaxation and a tiny potted plant and you’ve taken the work vibe out of your home office.


I hope these ideas have inspired you to get organised for 2017 and transform your homes into clutter-free sanctuaries.


Until next time!